Our Vision

Educators are innovators.

In Association with Mulungushi University School of Education

In Association with Mulungushi University School of Education

The Vision and Mission Statement

To introduce a new paradigm of teacher education that contributes positively and productively to the local and wider community and which has at its core the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in training among valued and respected teachers and students. 


UNICEF reports that 68% of rural and 32% of urban orphans in Zambia are not enrolled in school. Even those who are fortunate enough to have adult supervision by relatives are often denied education and made to work full-time. Zambia ranks 22nd in the world for children not attending primary school.

Even when families do have the means to pay school fees, the schools often don’t have the resources to create an environment of learning.  The student-to-teacher ratio is 50:1, making it difficult for teachers to have an impact on their students.


HOPE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION provides a way for individuals to pursue a career in education affordably and pave the way to improved student learning in Zambia.  

Due to the increasing demand for college training and teacher education by the local and wider Zambian community, Hope College of Education has developed Diploma courses that focus on the practice of education.  

Hope College of Education offers quality training and is becoming a central hub for teacher education in Zambia. 

As part of the distance learning program, Hope College of Education students attend part-time face-to-face residential schooling (on-site learning) with a variety of writing workshops, computer seminars, as well as professional development opportunities.  





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Offering diplomas in Primary and Secondary Teacher Education, Hope College of Education provides a positive, healthy and conducive study environment for its students.  The school is composed of experienced and highly motivated staff utilizing strategies that focus attention on holistic teacher knowledge and self discipline. 

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