Progression Rules

  1. To proceed to the next year of study, a candidate must pass ALL the courses taken during the academic year of study.
  2. The Board of Studies may permit a candidate who has failed in no more than one (1) course to proceed and repeat the failed course along with the full load for the subsequent year.
  3. To complete a course a candidate should:
    1. perform to the satisfaction of the Board of Studies all required practicals, written and other course work.
    2. obtain an overall Pass grade in the course.

Assessment Grades

In assessing the performance of a candidate in a course, lecturers will:

  1. Take into consideration the work done by the candidate during the year along with performance in the examination.
  2. Give due weight to written reports or practical work done by the candidate, wherever required.

Grading scales will be set as follows:

A+ (above 95) - Distinction

A (90-95) - Distinction

B+ (86-89) - Meritorious 

B (81-85) - Very Satisfactory

C+ (75-80) - Satisfactory

C (70-74) - Clear Pass

D (60-69) - Bare Pass

E/F (below 60) - Fail

All courses failed with E/F must be repeated.


Submission of Assignments

At the beginning of each Learning Module, you will be issued Assignment Information as well as their due dates. All written assignments should be completed and submitted in the first week of the Residential School session.

Assignments are your responsibility. If an assignment is not received by the due date, it will be considered to be late or a non-submission and a lecturer may not mark it. Plagiarism and cheating – Representation of another’s work or ideas as one’s own without appropriate acknowledgement or referencing, where the owner of the work knows of the situation and both work towards the deceit of a third party, will lead to disqualification in the course

Assignments should be typed in double spacing and a 40mm margin on the left-hand side of the page for marker’s comments.  In addition, we ask you to keep a copy of your assignment and proof of posting – as a safeguard against it getting lost.

Your assignments will be returned to you at the beginning of the following Residential School session.  A copy of the feedback form is retained in your personal file and the mark awarded recorded.