Supporting education and innovation.


Teaching with the Brain in Mind

We place a strong focus on training teachers about the brain, how it develops and changes over time and how to best prepare the child's brain for school and learning.  

With this knowledge, our teachers will learn to increase student engagement through skills that incorporate dynamic physical classroom environments for optimal learning, plans that consider the mind-body link as well as the the importance of play, and activities that help students manage stress, peer pressure, and bond more quickly with fellow learners.  

The projected outcome for our teachers is the ability to create classrooms that emphasize brain-based teaching, social and emotional development, critical thinking skills, and intrinsic student motivation.



On-site Residential Instruction, Lectures and Seminars

Hope College's Unique On-site Residential School extends the traditional 2-week study period for distance learners to 3 weeks allowing for a more in-depth study of the course material and longer preparation for class assignments.  In addition, supplementary workshops, lectures and seminars enrich the experience of students beyond the required education foundations and teaching courses. 

Convenient Distance Learning Programs

Hope College offers convenient Distance Learning Diploma Programs that incorporate the use of digital libraries and e-learning tools with available course books and learning modules.



Holistic Training

We focus on training the whole teacher through professional development, teaching practice and spiritual formation.  Hope College of Education is committed to educating students with respect for and awareness of the historic Christian faith. 

Our commitment to the spiritual development of our teachers' Christian heritage points us to the deepest engagement in academics and in life; to equip our students to go into the world and make an impact in their communities.



Affordable Education

Low student fees and reduced educational expenses allow for learners of all types to pursue a degree at Hope College of Education.  

Distance Learning over three years rather than Full-time degree programs are self-paced, flexible and cost significantly less in tuition and fees than traditional courses, thus reducing the average cost of attendance.